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Vol. 7 Núm. 1 (2024): 7th Volume – nº 1, 2024
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Atlantic Review of Economics (AROE) (ISSN-2174- 3835) is a semiannual publication that seeks to contribute to scientific development in the different aspects related to the world economy and management by publishing works from researchers from all continents. Although its target audience is mainly the academic, it seeks to arouse the interest of professionals of the economy of any field or sector.

Coinciding in 2011 with the publication´s 10th anniversary, the Editorial Board of EAWP has decided to start a new phase in the magazine. Due to the implementation carried out last year of the academic peer review of the papers received, EAWP has ceased to be "in fact" Working Papers to become an academic journal of scientific documents with a more finalist nature.

For this reason, the publication has been renamed "Atlantic Review of Economics", in what it will be a second phase of Economic Analysis Working Papers (EAWP).

Ethics in publishing

All the articles proposed for evaluation for publication in AROE must respect the ethical standards of intellectual integrity assumed by the scientific community. The submitted works must be completely original and must adequately quote the works of other authors who have used.


  • ECONLIT (American Economic Association)
  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
  • DICE (Difusión y Calidad Editorial de las Revistas Españolas de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas)
  • ISOC (Revistas de CC. Sociales y Humanidades del CSIC)
  • School of Library and Information Science, Humboldt University of Berlin

Open Access Policy

AROE is an open Access journal. Free of charge for authors.

Atlantic Review of Economics, AROE, provides immediate open access to its content on the principle of putting the research available to the public free of charge promotes global exchange of knowledge. Allowing unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

No costs for sending article or publication in open access (APC):

Shipping items are free of charge. Nor do they have to be published or published in ope access (APC).